Brusnika was founded in Tyumen, Siberia in 2004 with the aim to develop create mass housing projects. Brusnika is now among the 10 largest housing developers in Russia with a yearly output of 250.000 sqm (5000 units) and has realised projects in 5 Russian cities. It has three offices with a total of 1000 employees: in Tyumen, in Novosibirsk and in Ekaterinburg, where the company moved its head office in 2015.

Due to a continuous drive towards innovation Brusnika is the most progressive housing developer in the country. Brusnika was the first to introduce architectural and urban innovations in low cost housing that were only used on a small scale in elite housing projects in central Moscow. These include the design of public space, courtyards without cars and landscaping. Inside the buildings innovations include street level glazed entrance halls and ergonimically designed apartments. Moreover, by hiring leading Russian and foreign architecture firms the housing blocks have a pronounced architecture that enriches the urban context.

In 2014, Bursnika teamed up with Dutch architect and founder of PROJECT RUSSIA magazine Bart Goldhoorn. Frustrated by the failure of Western European concepts of housing design in Russia, Goldhoorn devised a new approach to mass housing that combines standardisation and customisation. This enables Brusnika to continue to improve it’s products: the development of new solutions is not any more limited by the project development cycle, but can be tested and improved over a long period of time. This enbles a higher level of sophistication and cost control.

On this page you find links to the most interesting projects Brusnika has realized over the last decade. New projects will be added on a regular basis.


Evropeisky Housing area
City: Tyumen
Year: 2011
Architect: OSA Bureau
220 000 Sqm
City: Tyumen
Year: 2014
Architect: Aedas
75 000 Sqm
City: Novosibirsk
Year: 2014
Architect: Aedas
Kamenniy Ruchei
City: Ekaterinburg
Year: 2016
Architect: OSA Bureau
44 900 Sqm
City: Ekaterinburg
Year: 2017
Architect: OSA Bureau
19 211 Sqm
Sukhdolskiy first phase
City: Ekaterinburg
Year: 2017
Architect: Levs Architects (Netherlands)
17 606 Sqm
Solnechniy first phase
City: Ekaterinburg
Year: 2017
Architect: OSA Bureau
26 257 Sqm

About Company

Brusnika specializes in building of democratic urban housing in large cities. Every year we build and sell about 5,000 apartments for Russian families.

The business idea of Brusnika is based on the aspiration to change people's lives for the better, offering the accommodation of new quality that is affordable for everyone, simplicity and reliability of a purchase, as well as comfort and functionality of living.

Site of the Sukhodolsky project in Yekaterinburg, June 2015.
More than 1000 employees in 5 cities

In long-term plans of the Company there is a focus on building a sustainable business, which development and growth are based on consistent advantages that are not sensitive to short-term market changes. Sustainable business is able to combine social expectations and its own economic interests. Consistent advantages allow to realize the technology of human habitation in urban multi-storey buildings at its best and to be sustainable in any cycles of the economics.

Brusnika consists of companies with the same name in Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk (SP Sibakademstroy), Tyumen, Surgut and Moscow. The companies have a common vector of development and unified management. We are proud of the cities in which we build.

For more than 10 years specialists of Brusnika have been studying how to design a building, how to create a living and working environment around it with an optimal combination of functions. To develop the core competencies, our Company has created three subdivisions, which allow us to pay attention to many details. There are three main areas: Design of houses, General contracting function and House management.

We understand development as a constant process of transformation of the city and the space in which people live. The details that make life better are important for us. It is a daily conscientious work for the employees of Brusnika.

Housing design

"Brusnika. Design"

"We believe in the balance of simplicity of modern technical solutions and design. Our task is to fit in the latest engineering and architectural solutions in a democratic housing format."

General contracting function

"Brusnika. Building"

"We develop the best management practices in the construction industry. It is important for us to make our construction sites to be an example of a building culture and security. We build within the time limit. We don’t take payoffs."

House management

"Brusnika. House Management"

"The pleasure of living is the main indicator of quality. Our goal is to ensure the durability of engineering, maintain cleanliness and aesthetics, manage the energy efficiency of our houses and promote the principles of good-neighborly relations."

Element of the facade - a panel with a wood texture, residential area "Krona", July 2016
5 000 apartments are built and sold every year