About Brusnika

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Brusnika is a Russian real estate developer. Founded in 2004 in Tyumen, the company specializes in the construction of multi-storey residential buildings. Today, Brusnika builds modern affordable housing in such cities as Tyumen, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Surgut, Kurgan, Omsk and Moscow.

The long-term strategy of Brusnika is aimed at strengthening its leadership positions in high-quality construction and keeping a good reputation among our customers.

Since its inception, Brusnika has built more than 2.6 million square meters of residential houses. This is about 50,000 apartments for Russian families.

In the cities of its presence, Brusnika steadily becomes a backbone of real estate development and related to its industries.

In its business, the company collaborates closely with state and municipal authorities, DOM.RF, the Housing Development Fund, large state and private banks. Brusnika is a member of the Russia’s united developers Association (NOZA), and a participant of working groups under the government of the Russian Federation. Brusnika is a large and conscientious taxpayer to budgets. We actively support sports and nonprofit community initiatives.

Brusnika is included into the list of strategic Russian enterprises. It leads a rating in terms of consumer qualities of housing. The company is the first developer in Russia that has gained an international BREEAM certificate of the excellent level (in the residential sector). Apart from that, Brusnika implements all the projects using escrow accounts.


The "Partner-Invest" company is founded in Tyumen as a part of the "Partner" holding.


Start of development activities. Formation of a land bank.


Launch of the integrated development project at the 3rd Zarechny microdistrict territory. This project has changed the social map of the city.


Increased investment in construction. Obtaining large loans at Sberbank, MDM Bank, Zapsibkombank.


Rapid increase of production volumes. Arrival of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to the construction site. Reputation among customers increases.


Financial crisis. Secession of the "Partner" holding from the membership of the "Partner-Invest". Fight for survival. Loan portfolio restructuring. The situation stabilizes.


Recovery. Launch of the second integrated development project "European" microdistrict. Modern architecture, a new approach to the public places arrangement and improvement of courtyards; introduction of new type apartments.


Expansion of influence — purchase of developing company "Sibakademstroy" in Novosibirsk. Crisis management. Loan portfolio restructuring. Formation of a land bank.


Launch of the first project in Ekaterinburg based on new "Brusnika" brand and beginning of formation of a land bank. Launch of two new projects in Tyumen: the "Novin" district and the "Vidny" microdistrict.


Launch of an integrated development project in partnership with Baring Vostok in Surgut. Grand opening of the Europe Square with a fountain in the center of the "European" microdistrict (Tyumen). The microdistrict received the Grand Prix of the Golden Capital National Architectural Festival, a silver diploma for the concept and an award from an independent journalist jury.


Launch of a residential building project in Stavropol. Achievement of planned 10 % share of presence in the market of new buildings in Tyumen and Novosibirsk. The "European" microdistrict in Tyumen became the winner of the FIABCI Prix d’Exellence competition for development projects in the Master Plan nomination and was included in the "High-Quality Architecture 2014" — collection of the best Russian architectural projects.


Economic crisis. Adaptation to the new reality. Attention to the construction schedule of current facilities. Search of opportunities to continue development programs next year.


Start of the first project in the Moscow region. The "Novin" district in Tyumen became the silver medalist of the VII Russian National Landscape Architecture Award in "The Best Implemented Object for the Integrated Improvement of the Living Environment" nomination. The "European Coast" microdistrict won "The Best Implemented Integrated Development of the Territory" nomination in the urban planning competition held by the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation.


Formation of a land bank in Moscow and the Moscow region. Achieving key financial performance indicators. The company keeps steady volumes of the production program. The "European" microdistrict in Tyumen was recognized as the best by the Urban Awards in "The Best Regional Residential Comfort Class Complex" nomination.


Brusnika continues to participate in development of legislative initiatives in the industry. Adaptation to the new requirements of 214-ФЗ law. Plans to increase presence in Russia`s major cities. Five new projects are being prepared for launch in Tyumen, Novosibirsk and Ekaterinburg. The "Kandinsky" residential building designed to become the new landmark of Ekaterinburg, has been commissioned.


Brusnika reorganizes and becomes a single company with branches in Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Surgut and Moscow. The company operates in accordance with the new requirements of 214-ФЗ law: switch to project financing and use of escrow accounts. The company receives a national credit rating of BBB + (stable) and complies with the international financial reporting standard.


Brusnika makes its debut bond issue on the Moscow Stock Exchange. The company receives the status of a strategic Russian construction enterprise, becomes a leader in the use of the BIM-360 system and the first developer in the country that has gained an international BREEAM certificate of the excellent level (in the residential sector). Brusnika confirms ruBBB+ credit rating from ACRA and acquires A-(RU) from Expert RA. The company launches the first in Russia temporary factory for producing constructive elements and begins building of an innovative school in Novosibirsk. Brusnika expands its geographical presence and starts six new projects.


Brusnika confirms ruBBB+ credit rating from Expert RA and upgrades A-(RU) credit rating from ACRA. The company registers two new bond issues. A major investment project has been launched to build housing in Omsk. Brusnika significantly increases the land bank with the main share in the Moscow region.


Brusnika confirms A-(RU) credit rating from ACRA. The company’s land bank is increased to 7.8 million m² through the acquisition of assets in Moscow and the conclusion of new KRT agreements in large agglomerations of the Russian Federation. Together with DOM.RF, Brusnika designs and builds a rental quarter in Yekaterinburg. Exclusive project of improving labor efficiency in the production cycle is launched in collaboration with the Russian Federal Competence Center.